Solid Hardwood Flooring

Installing solid hardwood flooring

Solid Hardwood FlooringThe writing is on the wall – nothing beats the natural beauty of a properly installed solid hardwood flooring to cap the final touches of your new or remodeled home. Texas Hardwood Floors make it our responsibility to do the finest and clearest hardwood floor installation in town, encompassing all styles and colors and using all manner of high-class hardwoods. Many hardwood kinds have different effects and all a customer needs to do is to spell their needs and dreams and professionals will be able to turn those hardwood floor dreams into reality. If you have found choosing solid hardwood flooring a really difficult task, you are in safe hands dealing with the best hardwood floor contractors in Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.
Solid hardwood flooring need to be installed with the lifestyle of the concerned families in mind and that is the reason hardwood floor installers have a wide variety of options. Customers can get to enjoy a wide array of styles and patterns that will go hand in hand with their existing décor if they so desire. For those who prefer do-it-yourself options for solid hardwood flooring, there are enough choices of prefinished floor boards to choose from. This is to add on the regular unfinished formats that will require the hired hand of a craftsman to do the installation for you.

Texas Hardwood Floors boast some of the most highly trained workmen in the business and so you can relax with the assurance that you will receive premier quality professional workmanship at no frills prices. These professional solid hardwood flooring installation experts are trained to work in all manner of floor jobs and they are the best in Austin. Among their areas of specialization include all wood floors that come in the basic construction types namely: unfinished solid hardwood flooring unfinished, or pre-finished installed over wood subfloors use on, or above ground level as well as nail or staple down engineered wood floors. When you want to look for excellent services that are otherwise reserved for royalty you must ensure that your Austin, Dallas or San Antonio hardwood floor contractor can be relied on to have an excellent reputation and a host of satisfied customers among the who is who in society.

Home builders intent on installing solid hardwood flooring will get services in Austin from a provider who is willing to go beyond the call of duty to make sure that your needs are met and all your innate dreams fulfilled. The sales and installation staff not only have the knowledge of floor installation at their finger tips but are always helpful and extremely friendly. Do not go anywhere else to look for premier quality solid hardwood flooring installation solutions in Dallas, San Antonio or Austin but come to the home of expert floor installation.

How to Install Prefinished Solid Hardwood Flooring

Whether you are looking for a prefinished hardwood floor where you will not have to do any waxing or scrubbing and sanding on site the best provider in Austin has a solution that incorporates the most advanced techniques of factory finished varieties. Your solid hardwood flooring boards will come loaded with an application of several layers of finish which makes the installation as easy as a walk in the park. With between 6 – 10 coats of finish for you hardwood floor, you can be assured of durability of all flooring materials available from solid hardwood flooring Austin premier company has to offer its esteemed customers.

Once you have been served by a high class solid hardwood installer, all you will need to do is to learn everything that has to do with maintenance. If you used the prefinished format you will have an extremely easy time with cleaning unlike the old fashioned formats that have to be waxed regularly to maintain their shine. Don’t take chances with such a big investment as installing hardwood floor in your home when there are professionals who will sell you the best kinds of wood as well as the best installation practices in the market of solid hardwood installation. Join those in the know who have enjoyed the best solid hardwood flooring Texas Hardwood Floors has to offer.