Patagonian Cherry Hardwood Floors

Patagonian Cherry Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Patagonian Cherry Hardwood FloorsMany enthusiasts of hardwood flooring have a taste for wood species that originate from the rain forests of South America because many of the exotic trees sourced from this region are known for their maturity and quality. Such is the case with the Patagonian cherry which offers a rich color display that ranges from salmon to rose, and completing the perfect picture of a warm finishing to your meticulously styled house. Installing a Patagonian cherry hardwood floors that can be purchased in either unfinished of prefinished condition is one of the greatest investments you can make. Anyone who is keen on green building standards that ensure that you are careful about the environment even as you go along and beautify your house will be at home with the patagonian cherry hardwood floors.

Patagonian Cherry Species Details

Lovers of colored hardwood floors that are durable, savor the reddish colored dense wood kinds which will very uniquely fit extremely well in those special rooms that need a hardwood floor that defines your sense of style and taste. There is such a rich color range that is displayed by the true Patagonian cherry hardwood that may be described as ranging from a pink that may appear like it is pale and a deep red and all other color variations you can think of in between. Since the cherry hardwood has a high Janka hardness range it is safe enough to be used in all building aspects, starting from residential all the way to commercial and industrial buildings.

Individuals who have installed Patagonian Cherry hardwood floors have never had reason to look back in regret because the standard hardwood flooring pallets from this exotic timber species are made in such a way that when proper finishing is done, they are completely resistant to any kind of pressure. Since it is from a hardwood kind that can withstand pressure, you will rarely see any marks emanating from dents, scratches or any scrapes.

The workability of this kind of hardwood requires you employ the best workmanship as much as possible so that it is handled with the kind of care it deserves. Patagonian Cherry hardwood floors have distinguished themselves as exclusively clear floors that have no marks or dents that would lower their dignity. Choosing to use the prefinished format of  the Patagonian cherry hardwood floors pallets ensures that your completed floor will resemble the picture you saw on the advertisement replicated right there in your very own house.